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The Arts Ballroom boasts a proud history of culture that demonstrates the importance of the arts, even today. Reserve The Arts Ballroom in advance to ensure your arts function makes a big impact on the public! The Arts Ballroom is available to assist in all event preparations and catering. Our showrooms are versatile to suit your vision.

Non Profit

AFR showcase event

Bring your nonprofit event to the floor of The Arts Ballroom. Its grand history in art, community, and culture make it a pivotal venue for all your fundraising events. Our elegant halls can be set up and decorated to suit your next function perfectly. Hold a gala using our Grand Hall as a dance hall. Set up private auctions, concerts, social events, and more!

The Arts Ballroom has a long-running history of attracting patrons far and wide and will be perfect for hosting your charity event. Our catering services include entertainment, equipment, décor, seating, food, and drinks.

Feel free to reserve one or all of our rooms for your event. We cater to your design ideas and branding to make your event a success story.

Art & Music

The Grand Hall and Mezzanine offers the perfect floor for musical performances, concerts, and art galas. The acoustic ceiling provides a stunning resonance that embodies the soul of each strung note. Let the audience watch and listen from the balconies to hear each note with astounding clarity, or have them seated in the Grand Hall and let the music descend from above.

The Arts Ballroom was designed with art and music performances in mind. Every feature and detail was considered in creating a space that optimizes sound and elegance. Share your appreciation of the arts with a venue properly designed for such an occasion.

Arts Ballroom Corporate Event Philadelphia


Arts Ballroom_fashion_show_Galas_Ballroom

Fashion venues that complement a designer’s products are hard to come by. However, The Arts Ballroom has plenty to offer in the world of fashion and design. We’ll gladly offer our Grand Hall, Mezzanine, and the Sylvania Ballroom to provide you with a runway deserving of your art.

The private suites in the Mezzanine act as the perfect space for models to prepare, dress, and do their makeup. The Grand Hall can serve as your showroom with an open aisle in front of our glorious granite staircase. After the show, have everyone retire to the Sylvania Ballroom to experience a grand after-party banquet while socializing.